Major and the Monbacks - "I Do" (video) (Premiere)

Virginia band Major and the Monbacks bring a propulsive soul energy to their take on rock 'n' roll, and the jubilant "I Do" is no exception.

Major and the Monbacks played together as a band for seven years prior to the release of their self-titled debut, which is out now. However, if you listen to any of the tunes on Major and the Monbacks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these chaps only just discovered their passion for music; the energy is high, and the joy is infectious. It's a testament to this Norfolk, Virginia outfit's verve and tenacity that after being together for so long, it sounds like they're reveling in the music anew even still. For a fine case in point, watch the video to the soul-drenched "I Do" below, which is a lungful of fresh air in a world where passionless indie rock is increasingly the norm.

Bass player Cole Friedman says to PopMatters, "The video was filmed in one of the oldest houses in Norfolk, Virginia, owned by a family friend. When we first walked into the main foyer where the video was shot, we immediately knew it was the perfect fit; 20 foot ceilings, stained glass windows, furnishings, straight out of the early 20th century, and to top it off, the checkerboard floors. As our first music video from our debut album, we really wanted to capture the energy and persona of the full eight piece band, which is why we went with the very straightforward live performance. 'I Do' is one of the most high energy songs on the album, as well as the last track, so this video gave us the chance to show off not only the new tune, but also the personality of the band in the live setting."

Major and the Monbacks is out now; you can stream and purchase it via the Bandcamp player below.

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