Empathy Test - "Throwing Stones (Minuit Machine Remix)" (audio) (Premiere)

The Paris-based Minuit Machine puts a spin on London synth-pop duo Empathy Test's tune "Throwing Stones", resulting in a remix that transforms a "sun-kissed teen romance" into "the depths of winter".

Following a remix of their tune "Here is the Place" by Thomas Datt, London synth-pop duo Empathy Test has had its music put in the hands of others once more, this time the Parisian dark synth-pop outfit Minuit Machine ("Midnight Machine"). That French band has taken up the task of re-inventing the Empathy Test number "Throwing Stones", adding a distinctly M83-esque vibe to the music.

Empathy Test says to PopMatters about the remix: "As big fans of their music and having just performed together at Wave Gotik Treffen, the biggest goth and synth-pop festival on the planet, we're thrilled to release Minuit Machine's remix of Throwing Stones. Hélène and Amandine have totally made it their own, taking our sun-kissed teen romance and plunging it into the darkest depths of winter! If Empathy Test's original is the musical equivalent of Say Anything's Lloyd Dobler outside your house with his boombox held aloft, Minuit Machine's is Wuthering Heights' ghost at the window, clamouring to come in."

A new remix EP by Empathy Test is out on 18 August via Stars & Letters.

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