Honeychrome - "Machine" (audio) (premiere)

Chillwave and new romantic merge on Honeychrome's new single.

The brainchild of Philadelphia native Chad Lightbody, Honeychrome offers a minimalist take on pop music, combining the chilliness of electronic with the more rosy-hued sounds of the new nomantic era. Composed and performed entirely on a laptop and a Korg synth, the forthcoming self-released EP All the Right Places evokes chillwave and Depeche Mode at once (what Lihtbody brands as "neopop") as the new single “Machine” attests, and which you can hear below.

“‘Machine’ is my ‘fuck the system’ song,” Lightbody tells PopMatters. "I grew up in the system, grew out of it, and now I'm standing here like, 'Hello! Anyone else out here? You can join me in happiness!’”

So come on, get happy -- or at least a little giddy.

All the Right Places will be released on 24 June (Bandcamp).

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