Country Fried Rock: Folk Family Revival Interview (Podcast)

Folk Family Revival's three brothers and their buddy released Waterwalker, a giant leap into psychedelic rock for these folkies from Texas.

Folk Family Revival consists of three brothers and their buddy. The group is definitely moving towards psychedelic rock rather than straight-up folk with its sophomore album, Waterwalker, out now on Rock Ridge Music. With a homemade liquid light show from a visually talented friend, the luxury of regular studio access, and no external time constraints on recording, Folk Family Revival leaps into new territory. The songs continue to grow, both intentionally and for diverse audiences ranging from post-line dance classes in a legendary Texas roadhouse to sports bars, finding ways to keep audiences engaged and the music fresh.

In his 7 out of 10 review of Water Walker for PopMatters, Jonathan Frahm calls the album "a prominent addition to Folk Family Revival’s growing portfolio of steady contributions to the Americana scene."

Stream or download the podcast interview below:

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