Bird - "Girl Can't Decide" (audio) (premiere)

Echoes of digital reggae emanate from the glossy-synth-pop of Bird's glossy synth-pop number "Girl Can't Decide".

Half-English, half-Irish singer-songwriter Janie Price, who goes under the moniker Bird, is set to release her new album Figments of Our Imagination later this summer. In anticipation of its release PopMatters is pleased to premiere “Girl Can’t Decide”, a glossy synth-pop track that tells the tale of a woman stuck in a relationship that’s harder to get out of than she thought.

“‘Girl Can’t Decide’ was written the way I write most of my songs,” Price says, “Music first, then I let the music inspire the lyrics. I used an old 80’s Casio MT-40 as the starting point for the track that my producer Chris Kimsey had lying around. It’s actually a really cool keyboard, rumored to have inspired the Jamaican digital reggae revolution in 1985... at least it definitely inspired me to write ‘Girl Can't Decide’.”

Figments of Our Imagination will be released on 14 August.

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