Good Field - "Business" (audio) (Premiere)

The Austin, Texas outfit Good Field gives off a distinct '90s indie rock vibe with their latest single, "Business".

Good Field, based out of Austin, Texas, came to be when Paul Price (of Brazos, the Early Tapes, and Voxtrot) created a set of songs that he envisioned for a full band, rather than a simple solo configuration. Rounded out by Michael McLeod (bass), Kyle Robertson (keys), and Esteban Cruz (drums), Good Field draw from a wide range of genres, dream pop and shoegaze being two regularly mentioned ones. With their new single "Business", which will feature on the forthcoming Future Me LP, Good Field take up the mantle of '90's indie rock, with just the right amount of grit and distortion to give textural contrast to the song's melodies.

Price says to PopMatters about the tune, "'Business' is a song about making decisions that some people won’t like, but doing it anyways because you have to,"

Future Me, which is being self-released by Good Field, is out on 28 July.

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