In Sonitus Lux: The Equinox Session

By smacking a piece of metal with a pair of mallets and with Kevin Dunn's help, E. Serson Brannen has made a fine piece of music free of category.
In Sonitus Lux
The Equinox Session

E. Serson Brannen, who has operated under the musical monikers the Subliminator and In Sonitus Lux, uses an instrument known as the hang to foster along his interest in free-floating improvisational music. The hang is a percussive instrument not unlike a steel drum, so it only takes in so far in terms of atmospherics. Enter guitarist Kevin McFoy Dunn, who likes to do anything but make his guitar sound like a regular guitar. With Dunn’s help, the three long tracks on In Sonitus Lux’s The Equinox Session are able to catch a breeze and swirl smoothly through the air.

While Brannen lays the groundwork for each piece, Dunn rotates himself from one stringed instrument to the other: electric guitar on “Her Eyes in the Morning”, fretless bass on “Bump”, and resonator for “On McTell Street”. Stickfigure Records may describe In Sonitus Lux as “free-improv”, but the outcome doesn’t sound like it wasn’t composed/preplanned. If you’ve ever thought “gosh, I’d like to hear this kind of thing with more acoustic elements” while listening to 4AD-era goth, then The Equinox Session will go down nicely.

RATING 7 / 10