Joe Goodkin - "Dog and Cat" (video) (Premiere)

Joe Goodkin’s honest, unpretentious style shines through on his new video.

The founder of Chicago indie pop band Paper Arrows, singer-songwriter Joe Goodkin has set off on his own, recording his debut solo album Record of Life, which comes out at the end of the month. Tapping into the folkier side of indie rock, as well as Americana and even a slight Paul Westerberg influence, Goodkin’s honest, unpretentious style shines through, which you can hear -- and see -- on the stark new video for “Dog and Cat”, which we’re pleased to premiere here at PopMatters.

“I'm thrilled to share my first video for the song 'Dog and Cat' from Record of Life,” he says about the Nick Ferrario-directed clip. “Record of Life is about capturing, considering and preserving memories and identity. We used some of my most treasured family photos to create a setting befitting of the intimate and simple nature of the recording, relating past to present, and ultimately packing up the past (both the good and the bad) and bringing it with as I head into the future.”

Record of Life will re released 30 June on Quell Records.

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