Andre Bratten: Math Ilium Ion

Norwegian house producer Andre Bratten returns with an album heavy on rhythm, light on the obvious.

Andre Bratten

Math Ilium Ion

Label: Smalltown Supersound
US Release Date: 2015-06-16
UK Release Date: 2015-06-01

Where a number of house producers often opt for the biggest, most obviously crowd-pleasing turns, on Math Ilium Ion Norwegian producer Andre Bratten seems to prefer exploring each track’s subtle, nuanced potential. Placing his focus on albums over singles, Bratten takes a craftsmen-like approach to his compositions, expanding both rhythm and melody in a manner rarely predictable and almost always rewarding. On opener “Trommer & Bass", Bratten takes a few conga-driven left turns while relying largely on disco-indebted analog synths and a burbling bass figure to carry it through.

“Yours Sincerely, Andre Bratten", too, refrains from the obvious, instead taking its time building to a subtle conclusion. Only on “The Little Things, Fools and Kings” does Bratten rise much above a whisper, driving the rhythm and melody forward with a propulsive figure that helps enliven the album. Both “Common Misconception” and “Minor Misconception” rely more on subtly and slow simmering arrangements that boarder on the atmospheric. Intriguing and full of unexpected twists and turns, Bratten’s work carries with it a levity that helps bring life to an often insular, self-serious genre.

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