Krystalmath – “Say That You Love Me” (audio) (premiere)

Best described as dance pop with discipline, Krystalmath shows great potential on her tune "Say That You Love Me".

A former member of the indie rock band Ravens & Chimes, Rebecca Rossi has since formed Krystalmath, and the singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist feels right at home in the dance pop realm, especially on the gently pulsating new track “Say That You Love Me”, which we’re pleased to premiere today. Instead of morphing into a one-dimensional club banger, the New York musician reins in the track just enough to focus more on the voice and the hook without compromising the song’s propulsive sound.

“Krystalmath started out as a project to demo songs for other artists, but I played the tracks for some friends and they convinced me to leave my vocals on there and release the songs on an album,” Rossi tells PopMatters. “‘Say That You Love Me’ was a favorite of collaborating musicians Ian Fiedorek (guitar) and Erika Omundson (bass), who both play on it!”

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