Vows: Soon Enough Love

Soon Enough Love is a Darwinian battle between beats and strings.
Soon Enough Love
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With two albums already conjured from the Internet ether that connects New Jersey and Vermont, Vows create a psychic tumult of sound on their third album, Soon Enough Love. The duo of Jeff Pupa and James Hencken set us off on an electronic cerebellum trip with opener “Futuis Eam”. Scrambled frequencies persist throughout, from Beach Boys harmonies on “Day to Day” and blue-eyed soul of “Candy” to the throbbing “Shrinking Violet” and twisting electro-pop of “Come to Your Senses”. Underlying Vows’ synthesized dissonance, garage rock is at the heart of the sonic typhoon of Soon Enough Love. A cohesive affair that belies its disconnected creation and myriad influences, Soon Enough Love is murky yet crystalline. A Darwinian battle between beats and strings, Soon Enough Love stands tall in the wake the Flaming Lips left behind with their creative output that peaked in 2002.

RATING 8 / 10