Ancient River - "Stay With Me" (video) (premiere)

The Florida band's dreamy music serves as the soundtrack for an equally surreal short film.

Gainesville, Florida band Ancient River released their latest album Keeper of the Dawn back in April, which, true to their form, continues their journey into the real of shoegaze, dreampop, and psychedelic rock. They recently joined forces with artist Xevi Soler to create a video for the track “Stay With Me”, and what resulted is an extraordinary, surreal little short film that’s equal parts dreamy and gritty.

“Our track ‘Stay With Me’ features some noticeably great drumming, and on guitar a polyphonic octave generator, which creates an organ/guitar type sound,” the band tells PopMatters. “It's been described to us as Burt Bacharach meets My Bloody Valentine, which is the best description we've heard. We like to think of it as a fitting track to be part of our new Giallo, David Axelrod, movie soundtrack-inspired album. So we were incredibly lucky when our friend in London had the perfect short film for the track. Written, produced, directed and acted by our talented friend Xevi Soler. He used black and white and color Ektachrome film in a Braun Nizo camera.”

Keeper of the Dawn can be streamed and purchased here.

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