Light Music - "Petrichor" (audio) (premiere)

The Milwaukee trio debuts their shimmering new single.

Much like Tapes n’ Tapes, Milwaukee band Light Music serve up a sunny, breezy take on experimental music, dappling their neo-psychedelic compositions with myriad colors, melodies and harmonies swimming around the listener. All of that is on full display on “Petrichor”, the first single from their new album Ocean’s Daughter, which we are very proud to premiere today. With summer in full swing, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, this track’s timing could not be better.

"The word 'Petrichor' is a Greek word, based on ‘petra’ meaning ‘stone,’ and ‘ichor’ which is the lifeblood of the Greek gods and immortals," the band tells PopMatters. "'Ocean's Daughter' explores different forms and facets of love, and this song examines the feelings of love lost and love remembered. This song is dedicated to a very close friend of ours who passed away. It can be hard to move forward when you lose someone so close to you. Sometimes you just have to write a song to eternalize their memory. Even the worst thunderstorms give way to the pleasant smell of petrichor after they pass. Those memories that permeate up from the stone after the storm are the lifeblood that keeps your loves immortal."

Ocean’s Daughter will be released 21 August on The Record Machine. Pre-order it here.

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