Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts - "Take Me With You" (video) (Premiere)

Shot in crisp black and white, "Take Me With You" finds the Michigan rock outfit Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts diving into "ten hours of pizza, beer, and the same song over and over and over again".

Back in May, PopMatters premiered the kooky and all-out fun video by the Kalamazoo, Michigan outfit Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts, "All My Friends Are Dead". That song, a high-energy, punk-infused rock number, features on Jake Simmons & the Little Ghost's new record, No Better. Now, PopMatters is happy to premiere the latest video from No Better for the track "Take Me With You". Although it lacks the general zaniness of "All My Friends Are Dead", it's nonetheless a fine rock number with some tasty, bluesy soloing. Enhanced by the sharp black-and-white capture by Three Goats Moving Pictures, "Take Me With You" is another great video addition to the No Better tracks.

Simmons says to PopMatters about the track, "'Take Me With You' is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I like love songs that feel a little more realistic. That's what I was going for. We shot the video at Louie's Trophy House with our buddies in Three Goats Moving Pictures over the winter. It was about ten hours of pizza, beer, and the same song over and over and over again."

No Better is out now.

Upcoming Jake Simmons solo tour dates:

6/30—Bismarck, ND

7/1—Fargo, ND

7/2—Minneapolis, MN

Upcoming tour dates for Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts with the Fever Haze:

7/17—Bloomington, IN

7/18—Louisville, KY

7/19—Nashville, TN

7/20—Memphis, TN

7/21—Little Rock, AR

7/22—Shreveport, LA

7/23—Beaumont, TX

7/24—Houston, TX

7/25—Austin, TX

7/26—Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

7/27—Denton, TX

7/28—Oklahoma City/Norman, OK

7/29—Tulsa, OK

7/30—Springfield, MO

7/31—St. Louis, MO

8/1—Champaign, IL

8/8—Kalamazoo, MI (Fat Guy Fest)

8/28—Kalamazoo, MI (5th Birthday show)

9/24—Fort Wayne, IN

9/25—Nashville, TN

9/26—Louisville, KY

10/1—Canton/Cleveland, OH


10/3—Pittsburgh, PA

10/8—Chicago, IL

10/9—Minneapolis, MN

10/10—Milwaukee, WI

10/15—Bloomington, IN

10/16—St Louis, MO

10/17—Champaign, IL/ Rock Island, IL

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