Digisaurus - 'No More Room For Love' (EP stream)

The Columbus, Ohio band mixes classic disco and funk with more modern sounds to offer a contemporary take on classic pop.

Featuring wicked falsetto singing reminiscent of Jimmy Somerville and a fun take on disco and funk similar to the Scissor Sisters, the Columbus, Ohio project Digisaurus combine elements both new and old to create a sound that’s both classic and contemporary. Helmed by musician James Allison, the band has just released their energetic and very catchy debut EP No More Room For Love, which we’re more than happy to present here at PopMatters.

“Do yourself a favor with this EP,” says Allison. “Tell everyone around you to shut the hell up. Put on a silly hat, turn up your speakers, press play, and get up on a chair, table, desk or whatever and just fucking dance your ass off. If no one else is dancing with you by the end of the first song...get some new friends.”

No More Room For Love is out now, and can be purchased at iTunes.

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