Elizaveta: Messenger

A cocktail of style, skill and beauty, Elizaveta's second album leaves fans wondering if there is anything this singer-songwriter cannot do.
Flower Army

As if holding a degree in opera from USC, having her songs featured on shows such as Pretty Little Liars and being able to speak six languages wasn’t enough, Elizaveta’s second album is another thing to add to the Russian-American singer-songwriter’s list of successes.

Pure and subtle, Elizaveta’s incredible voice breezes in and is effortlessly brilliant. The powerful beginning track “Trap” draws listeners in with an intro of chilled out drum beats and silky piano up until the album is finished in style with the J Paul mix of the same song, who adds an electronic feel without sounding naff, bringing you in a full circle back to where we began, well, that is if you can stop yourself from pressing replay.

Aside from this remix, for a singer who is known for mixing genres such as opera with electronica and classical and soul Messenger is perhaps less experimental than her previous genre bending album Beatrix Runs released in 2012 and distinguishing Elizaveta as the “5th Element” of pop. However Messenger and it’s more stripped back approach allows Elizaveta to show off her vocal skills and contrasts nicely with previous releases to give fans a nice variety without straying too far from her familiar sound.

Although a few songs do tiptoe on the line of being slightly ‘musical theatre cheesy’ such as “Messenger”, this is made up for in other beautifully raw and introspective tracks such as “Icarus” and “Familiar”. Throughout the album it becomes obvious that Elizaveta has had musical training as every note is hit with ease and style. The singer/songwriter has a powerful voice but doesn’t use it in an overbearing manner, it is just the type of music that you can relax to as you know everything you want is covered. Additionally with this style of music there is always the risk of tracks that sound the same, however this is avoided as each song seems to go in a different direction, exploring life and relationships with a warm uplifting undertone. “Time of my life” is the type of song that will make you want to dance around the kitchen on a sunny Saturday morning, but if all you want to do is cry over the fact that he is just really not that into you “Familiar” is your track. Every situation is covered; Eliza has your back.

Stand-out track “These Stupid Games” builds up a wall of music with the use of percussion and Elizaveta’s seemingly limitless diaphragm until listeners are swallowed by the emotion, style and layers of talent that make up the song. In a similar style “Space Pirates Love Song” thrusts listeners into an incredible out of this world atmosphere then with complete control allows Elizaveta’s voice to slice straight through and drag them back out. Hold your breath and enjoy the ride.

An amalgamation of thoughtful lyrics, technically spot-on musical ability and hair to die for (you were thinking it too) Elizaveta pours a cocktail of style, skill and beauty into every track- and I’m sure fans will be all too keen to drink to that.

RATING 8 / 10