The Domestics - "Wait Forever" (audio) (premiere)

The Portland band make a strong first impression with this sweetly melancholy new track.

Formed not long after Leo London was tracking piano for Michael Finn at a Portland studio, the Domestics are built around the dynamic the two musicians bring, not only on an instrumental level, but lyrically and vocally as well. The two dig deep into their own troubled past – London’s drug-addicted parents, Finn’s battles with mental illness – to create something both cathartic and uplifting. The lilting “Wait Forever” is a beautiful example, its melancholy masqueraded by its gentle indie pop, and we’re glad to premiere it at PopMatters.

“It's a melancholy pop song, and the first song we worked out together as The Domestics,” Finn says about the song’s genesis, adding facetiously, “Naked Lunch verses, insurance commercial chorus. Easy, really.”

The Domestics’ self-titled debut album will be released 17 July on Tender Loving Empire.

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