Country Fried Rock: Todd Grebe and Cold Country

Alaska native, Todd Grebe, knows about Cold Country -- not just the weather, but his band. After years playing music more influenced by bluegrass than country, his buddy and band mate decided to pick up a Telecaster. The ensuing songs and record took the band back to Nashville, to record with several #CFRalumni.

Todd Grebe and Cold Country
Label: Self-released
Title: Citizen
US Release Date: 2015-04-23

Todd Grebe and his wife, songwriter Angela Oudean, left Nashville for their native Alaska, not exactly barefoot and pregnant, but definitely leaving their days in her band, Bearfoot, behind. The next step for them brought them closer to their families and found them starting their own family, with a new baby. While returning home added familiarity, circumstances of leaving Nashville led them to return to sell their remaining items down there, and also made recording an album an easy farewell.

Citizen brings Todd Grebe and Cold Country to electric instruments, but keeps the songwriting sense of his bluegrass-influenced past. Grebe again chose to work with Nashville studio icons, Mike Bub and Larry Atamanuik, and even fellow Country Fried Rock alumnus, Jimmy Wallace, a highly-demanded keyboard player (who wrote a fabulous record a few years ago, from the point of view of various Peanuts characters that we covered at the time).

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