Cancellieri - "Education" (audio) (premiere)

Indie and Americana merge beautifully on the latest front he prolific singer-songwriter.

With a total of six releases in less than five years, singer-songwriter Ryan Hutchens can certainly been deemed “prolific”, and his newest work, the full-length album 46 and Raleigh just might generate even more flattering words once folks hear it. His new single “Education” is a gorgeous little amalgam of the candor and haunting tones of Father John Misty and the more country-derived sounds of Americana.

Asked to say a few words about the dreamy new track, Hutchens says, “Written while touring across the country this past year, 'Education' is about how sometimes it can be hard to grow or change around an old friend because they expect you to be the same person."

46 and Raleigh will be released 17 July.

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