Jet Trash - 'Jet Trash' (EP stream) (premiere)

This raucous debut is a reminder that there are still young indie rock bands that still remember how to rock.

Taut, loud, and extremely energetic, San Francisco's Jet Trash is everything you want from a young rock ‘n’ roll band. Part garage rock, part post-punk, it’s as if the Count Five and Gang of Four were involved in an unholy commingling, and Jet Trash’s raucous debut EP will have you pogoing in no time. Here’s a DIY indie rock band that remembers how to actually rock, which these days is a breath of fresh air.

“We wanted our EP to sound like a vinyl record that was being played way too loud,” guitarist Paul Kemp tells opMatters. “We wanted to make a bold statement about California youth culture. We come from a vibrant scene in San Francisco that's filled with DIY kids who record their own music, book their own shows, design their own flyers and do everything on their own terms. Our EP captures the energy of a summer filled with surfing, skateboarding, road trips and bonfires.

“Our producer Andy Freeman was able to take our vision and run with it. He knew how important it was to capture a vintage analog sound. Coast Recorders, where we made the EP, is a legendary studio in San Francisco. We cranked up our Fender tube amps and played our very best. It was exciting to hear the songs come together. We picked six songs that showcase our range. There's trashy garage rock, '60s surf pop and even some dark post-punk undertones. The whole thing sounds cohesive and it hints at things to come in our future. The four of us have all been writing really well together. We can't wait to get into the studio and record our first full-length.”

Jet Trash is out now (purchase it here) and is coming soon on cassette from Burger Records imprint Wiener Records.

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