Mizgin - "If I Said I'm in Love (Suicide)" (audio) (download)

The Swedish pop star's latest has immense crossover appeal to North American audiences.

With Tove Lo making waves in North America and Tove Styrke on the cusp of achieving the same thing, things are looking bright for Swedish pop music, whose quality is almost always above average. Singer Mizgin is making a bid to be the next great Swedish pop export, and if there's one thing she has going for herself it's that she sidesteps the usual indie "poptimist"-pandering fare for flat-out, bombast reminiscent of Rihanna and Beyonce. She's already topped the Swedish charts with "Get You Off", and the anthemic "If I Said I'm in Love (Suicide)" aims to continue that momentum.

"I wanted to create a summer breakup anthem that empowers people to take back control and find that hidden inner strength to stand up for themselves," Mizgin says. "I believe that no one will love you like you love yourself and there’s real power in that.”

Download the track for free via the Soundcloud widget below.

If I Said I'm in Love (Suicide) is out now. Purchase it here.

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