Kármán Line - "Tell Me What I Want to Know" (audio) (premiere)

The latest by the London electro band implores you to dance the anguish away.

Today London electro pop band Kármán Line are releasing their new EP In Autumn, whose single "Tell Me What I Want to Know" is a very good indication of what to expect. A propulsive dance track whose house beats transport listeners back to the 1990s, it's shamelessly upbeat in tone, which typically masks the longing in the lyrics.

"'Tell Me What You Know' fits somewhere in between the carefree summer spirit and the aftermath of a heartache," says singer Maja Slatinśek. "It is also the first song from our unbundled 4-track EP, which is going to be released all throughout the summer. We’ll follow each song with a 'living-room-session-video', which we’ve been filming in our North London house we all live in. Living together and knowing each other through ups and downs also made the writing and recording of this EP much easier. For us, anyway. Not quite sure what the neighbors think."

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