Sara Curtin - "Sweet Dreams" (video) (premiere)

Photo by Amanda Reynolds

The singer-songwriter has her cake in her new video, and eats it too. Literally.

One half of folk-pop band the Sweater Set, Sara Curtin will be releasing her second solo album Michigan Lilium on July 24. Just in time for its release she's just out out a new video for the haunting dreampop track "Sweet Dreams", which in a neat twist, involves baking a cake. If there's one thing indie rock needs, it's more cake.

"'Sweet Dreams' is the opening track on my new album Michigan Lilium," she says. "When dreaming up the concept for the video I wanted to present the opposing concepts of domesticity and wanderlust. Baking a chocolate cake while singing "Does it tie me down?" seemed to be an appropriately ironic juxtaposition. The layers of ingredients swirl around and mingle with the layered vocals to create a hazy world of uncertainty. Plus, there was the added bonus of shooting a baking video - director Paul Abowd and I got to feast on chocolate cake at the end of the day!"

Learn more about Sara Curtin on Facebook.

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