Monogold – “Pink Lemonade” (audio) (premiere)

The Brooklyn band's new single sounds as sweet as the subject matter.

Brooklyn trio Monogold will release their new album Good Heavens on 25 September, but in advance of that date they’ve put out a charming little single in the form of “Pink Lemonade”. A smart decision too, because the track’s breezy, carefree quality is perfectly timed for the summer, and many will enjoy its sweetly psychedelic tones. Like a bubblegum Animal Collective, to be honest.

“It’s about falling in love. Childhood and fake powdered lemonade in the summer,” says singer/guitarist Keith Kelly.

Bassist Michael Falotico adds, “‘Pink Lemonade’ was a song that I immediately knew would be great. Keith sometimes brings songs into rehearsal or the studio that don’t immediately resonate with me. I usually will get through that after a few minutes and it’s generally because I was probably struggling to figure out my own guitar or bass part. With ‘Pink Lemonade’, I heard my bassline immediately.”

Learn more about Monogold at Bandcamp.