Erika Lloyd - "Power" (audio) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter's solo debut stylishly blends chamber music and experimental pop.

Better known as the lead singer for Little Grey Girlfriend, Erika Lloyd has ventured out on her own with her solo debut Power, on which she blends eccentric indie pop with chamber music. The title track, which you can hear below, is especially effective in the way it hearkens back to the experimental pop music of the 1980s, how it sounds high-gloss and ornate at the same time.

"'Power' is all about women gaining influence through art: not being afraid to talk about being powerful and taking joy in extending support to the next generation of creative women," Lloyd says. "Full of imagery, the lyrics tell the story of a protagonist's dream. She is walking through a city asking for help from a goddess of music, throws a coin into a fountain, and the goddess emerges with open arms, giving her encouraging advice and pulling her under the water to a new world. I love the positive and encouraging energy that was created in recording this song, and takes over when performing it live. I hadn't written anything quite like it before."

The album Power is out now.

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