Kanaku y el Tigre: Quema, Quema, Quema

The Peruvian folk outlet release a more studied, atmospheric effort for their worldwide debut.

Kanaku y el Tigre

Quema, Quema, Quema

Label: Strut / Tiger's Milk
US Release Date: 2015-06-12
UK Release Date: 2015-06-12

Kanaku y el Tigre may be a name that’s just coming out of the woodwork for international listeners, but the Peruvian folk pop outlet has been chipping away at their individualized seat in the industry for years. Their first worldwide release, Quema, Quema, Quema, is sure to turn some ears their way with greater western undertones inundating their airy delivery this go-around. One would argue that, in that sense, Quema, Quema, Quema may draw its greatest comparisons with their debut piece and original delivery within the realm of subtler atmospheric music. It isn’t hard to argue that they’ve drawn on their experience to deliver a more stylistically varied portfolio of compositions than in Caracoles, however, in some ways warranting a comparison to Bon Iver with their leanings towards layered syncopation.

Sounds are incorporated into more commonplace instrumentation with relative ease, creating a lush and sporadic soundscape for listeners to get lost in. As far as world releases go, Quema, Quema, Quema easily amounts to one of the best on the market in 2015.

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