Dani Elliott - "Sinner" (audio) (premiere)

Chillwave, contemporary R&B, and classic Nashville country coalesce on this gorgeous new track.

After an extended stint as back-up singer on Miley Cyrus’s recent world tour, Nashville singer-songwriter Dani Elliott has kickstarted her solo career with her debut EP The Best Part. A part of the new generation of Nashville artists who venture well beyond the parameters of mainstream country while still acknowledging their heritage, Elliott’s music is contemporary and old-fashioned at the same time, which is nicely on display on the shimmering new single “Sinner”. Adorned with chillwave synths and a strong R&B influence, there’s still that rustic, Southern influence underneath it all. Featuring Elliott’s sumptuous vocal work, “Sinner” has great crossover appeal, and deserves to be heard.

“'Sinner' is kind of my nod to Nashville and country music,” Elliott says. “A talented artist friend of mine, Michaela Anne, was featured on a blog with a few other great, female Americana and country singer-songwriters and it inspired me to write a classic country song in the pop vein. It’s that theme of the 'my man did me wrong and I'm pissed and ready to roll some heads' sort of thing, but in my own way.”

The Best Part will be released in August. Learn more about Dani Elliott here.

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