Clintongore - 'Clintongore' (album stream) (premiere)

The duo creates lavish yet minimal synth pop on their debut album.

Comprised of Sierra Haager from Portland band bed. and Chris Crawford of Brooklyn’s French Miami, Clintongore specializes in creating the most vibrant dance pop possible from the most minimal arrangements possible. Armed with a drum machine and Roland Juno synths, as well as Haager’s likeable singing voice, the duo are charming on their debut album, as dreamy, shimmering tunes like “Keep in Mind” and “The Long Snowfall” wouldn’t feel out of place on the Drive soundtrack.

"Chris has been my favorite studio partner since we first got to work together in 2009,” says Haager. “We have a shared love for exaggerated synthetic tones, obvious melodies and emo sensibilities. Above all, our favorite studio tool is pop sentimentality since it is both hilarious and beautiful. I can't wait to share the next record, which features the aforementioned attributes in more concentrated amounts."

Clintongore will be released 28 July on Breakup Records.

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