Daphne Lee Martin - "I'd Take a Bullet for You" (audio) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter draws inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde on her newest track.

The forthcoming new album Fall on Your Sword by Connecticut singer-songwriter Daphne Lee Martin is a wonderfully eclectic collection of songs inspired by stories we've heard as youngsters, from fairy tales, to cautionary tales, to pop culture events from the 20th century. The lavish track "I'd Take a Bullet for You" draws its inspiration from one of the most romanticized couples of the past century.

""Who doesn't want to wake up next to someone who drives them wild?" Martin says. "Sometimes at any cost. There's a reason we're fascinated by the story of Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow, we all kind of want to be them just a little bit. Go crazy, take what we want, and make love on the run."

Fall on Your Sword will be released 2 October on Telegraph Records.

Catch Daphne Lee Martin on tour this fall:

Oct 11 | House Concert, Asbury Park NJ | email for details


Oct 14 | Way Station, Brooklyn, NY | 9pm

Oct 15 | Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar, Washington DC | 9pm

Oct 17 | Hambone’s, Pittsburgh PA | 8pm

Oct 18 | Bossy Grrrl’s Pinup Joint, Columbus OH | 8pm

Oct 19 | Beachland Ballroom Cleveland OH

Oct 21 | Haymarket Whiskey Bar, Louisville KY | 9pm

Oct 22 | Melody Inn, Indianapolis IN | 9pm

Oct 23 | Elbo Room, Chicago IL | 9pm

Oct 24 | Art Bar, Milwaukee WI

Oct 25 | Frank’s Power Plant, Milwaukee WI

Oct 27 | Filling Station, Bozeman MT

Oct 28 | The Crux, Boise ID

Oct 29 | Tim’s Tavern, Seattle WA

Oct 30 | Le Voyeur, Olympia WA

Oct 31 | The Haul, Grants Pass OR

Nov 5 | Milk Bar, San Francisco CA

Nov 6 | Fox Goose, Sacramento CA w/ JonEmery

Nov 10 | The Lost Leaf, Phoenix AZ

Nov 14 | Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas TX

Nov 18 | Siberia, New Orleans LA w/Alexandra Scott

Nov 21 | Metro, Augusta GA w/ Phillip Lee, Jr.

Nov 22 | Caledonia Lounge, Athens GA w/Cortez Garza--

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