Moving Panoramas - "One" (audio) (premiere)

Fans of Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast will immediately gravitate to this charming new band.

Similar to the hooky, gentle power pop of Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and looking back further, the Aislers Set, Austin-based band Moving Panoramas waste no time creating a niche for themselves within that style on their debut album One. Led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Leslie Sisson and featuring Rozie Castoe on bass and Karen Skloss on drums, the trio are captivating on the album's first single, which just so happens to be the title track.

"My mom raised me to be independent, self-sufficient, and always taught me that it's not only okay to be alone, but it's important to love and care for yourself because sometimes that's all you've got," Sisson says. "It's not always easy, especially when, say, someone breaks your heart or someone special in your life leaves this world. I wrote this after she passed away as a reminder to honor and celebrate that. If she were still alive, she'd be proud of this message... and she'd also probably still bug me about why I haven't given her a grandkid yet... this 'One' is for Mom."

One will be released 2 October on Modern Outsider.

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