Haroula Rose – “Swimming Song” (audio) (premiere)

The LA singer-songwriter serves up a bluegrass-tinged cover of a Loudon Wainwright III favorite.

Los Angeles-based singer-songriter Haroula Rose is preparing to record her third album, which is slated for a 2016 release, but in the meantime she’s recorded a series of covers for the fun of it. One in particular is noteworthy, that being her gently playful bluegrass rendition of the classic Loudon Wainwright III composition “The Swimming Song”.

“This is a live take of a song I love so much by the McGarrigle Sisters, that we recorded at the Carriage House with Sheldon Gomberg,” she says. “It was really fun, Leslie Stevens and Kathleen Grace are singing background vox. It makes me think of summer and of swimming, of good times with friends, and I hope that comes through in how we collectively played and sang it all live in the moment.”

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