‘Bake in Black’ Is a Place Where Cupcakes Rock

Rock music and baked goods have always been mutually exclusive. Until now.

The release of Bake In Black by Dave and Eve O’Sullivian shatters the concept that rock music and baking aren’t naturally and intrinsically interlinked. What began as a blog in an East London kitchen by a music journalist and a food critic has developed into a professional and polished book of varied and delectable eats.

With six sections consisting of big cakes, small bakes and brownies, biscuits and cookies, doughnuts, pies and desserts – there’s literally something for everyone, with each well-known dish name taking on a cheeky twist that incorporates a recognisable song title.

A plethora of bands and artists spread over five decades each have singular recipes dedicated to them, all from different sub-genres of rock music – alternative rock, black metal, classic rock, death metal, groove metal, grunge, hair metal, hardcore punk, heavy metal, pop punk, prog rock, punk rock, ska punk. You name it.

The acts featured in Bake In Black cover everyone from Alice Cooper to Alice in Chains and from Black Flag to Black Sabbath. Bakery is named after bands like Cream, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Perhaps you could create your own mixture of the three and whip up a creamy, chilli, pumpkin flan?

The O’Sullivan’s have even personally baked for the some of the people they’ve honoured – including Scott Ian of Anthrax and Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy, who said they’ll be knocking for another sample when ‘the boys are back in town’.

This collection of ‘puns and buns’ is a must have for wannabe or seasoned bakers, lovers of rock music and most definitely those that tick both boxes. Pick your favourite artist or band from the book and throw their greatest work on the kitchen stereo, then, turn the oven up to 11 and let the good times roll.