Fake Tears - 'Nightshifting' (album stream) (premiere)

The Vancouver duo excel at creating experimental electropop using vintage gear in their new album.

Comprised of former members of West coast indie bands P:ano and Lost Lovers Brigade, synthpop duo Fake Tears heads in a much more different direction, not only finding warmth in artificiality, but juxtaposing a pop aesthetic with a strong experimental mindset. Larissa Loyva and Elisha My Rembold create smart electropop, their rich vocal harmonies meshing beautifully with the vintage sounds of analog synths. It’s a beautiful, classic sound but with a modern perspective, and Nightshifting, their debut album for Mint Records, highlighted by the title track, achieves a kind of Giorgio Moroder-meets-Tangerine Dream feel.

“‘Nightshifting’" is the culmination of three years of songwriting and shows amidst personal tragedies and the pain of having to adjust to new circumstances,” they tell PopMatters. “Sometimes something beautiful can emerge from trying times, and the final product, like a work of art, is the sum of many fragments of ideas and melodies. The songs, despite their differences, and being created over a long period of time, weave a tapestry that makes each of them stronger because of the company they keep. The lyrics are a bit abstract and minimal, but the general idea is about wavering between the familiar and the unknown, maybe about being in love with someone despite how destructive it can be for you both. ‘I wanna run is always the first instinct. The title ‘Second Wind’ was an afterthought, while creating the track listing for the album. Elisha is an avid runner, and the concept of a second wind brings the meaning of the song full-circle, like maybe you can have a second chance at that love if you just push through the difficult parts.”

Nightshifting will be released 7 August on Mint.

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