Kadavar - "Last Living Dinosaur" (video) (premiere)

The German power trio emphasize "power" on this gargantuan rocker of a single.

Berlin trio Kadavar started off innocuously enough, first attracting attention from the stoner/retro-heavy rock crowd, but in 2013 their second album Abra Kadavar, followed by a series of revelatory performances in North America and Europe, established them as a true force to be reckoned with in hard rock and heavy metal. Their follow-up, the aptly-titled Berlin, places more emphasis on the rock 'n' roll side of their sound (as opposed to stoner metal) than ever before, echoing the filthy, gritty sounds of Detroit's Stooges and MC5.

It's a glorious album, and as you'll hear (and see) in Kadavar's new video, they found a perfect single in "Last Living Dinosaur", which has that guitar and bass tone that makes subwoofers hum and aging rockers weep with joy that there's at least one young band around that totally gets it.

Berlin will be released 21 August on Nuclear Blast.

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