Ana Egge – “Bright Shadow” (audio) (premiere)

The North Dakota-raised singer-songwriter finds heart in the sparse arrangement on her endearing new track.

Having grown up in a North Dakota town of 50 people, Ana Egge‘s music is seemingly spare at times, which makes you wonder if that geographical vastness has influenced the similar sparseness of her music. If you’ve ever spent time in a tiny town on the Plains, though, you’ll know there’s a lot of heart underneath such seeming harshness and isolation, and you feel it in the title track for Egge’s latest album, a song that’s also very near and dear to her as well.

“‘Bright Shadow’ was one of the last couple songs that I wrote for the record and it’s one of my favorites,” Egge says. “My wife was pregnant with our daughter at the time and all I could think of was this hidden potential/life/power in all of us that’s only meant to come through us. That’s not ‘for’ us at all, except in the moment of expressing it. Like love.”

Bright Shadow is out now.

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