Bodies Be Rivers - "Room For One" (video) (premiere)

Starting off comforting, the new track by the Brooklyn band subtly shifts gears.

Starting out plaintive and gradually becoming something a lot more ominous, like a storm rolling in on a sweltering day, "Room For One" encapsulates what Brooklyn group Bodies Be Rivers do so well on their self-titled debut EP, which comes out today. Accompanying it is a beautifully sparse, minimal video for the track, which you can watch below.

"'Room For One' is about the quest to find balance between the individual's journey and the inextricable reliance and connection that we as humans have to one another," the band says. "It's about the struggle between the introverted and extraverted aspects of one's self, about wanting to both hide from and actively participate in life. We tried to capture this feeling by having the three of us doing separate solitary things merged with moments of togetherness. There's a sense of connection (us playing music together, holding hands, arm around shoulder) but also loneliness as we echo in and out of each other's little worlds (listening through the wall, us all together playing the song and then summer and Thomas [Stephanos, guitarist] flickering in and out of the frame...) We're all on our own little journey yet our connection is the life force that pulses through the song."

Learn more about Bodies Be Rivers here.

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