Sara Rachele – “Crazy Love” (audio) (premiere)

Rachele transforms a 1950s teen pop classic into something steamier and a whole lot more feminine.

On the heels of her 2014 debut album Diamond Street, New York singer-songwriter Sara Rachele is releasing a special seven-inch single release, a cover of Paul Anka’s 1958 song “Crazy Love”. The Atlanta expat turns the tables on Anka’s original, delivering a steamy, confrontational performance atop production by Kris Sampson that pays homage to Phil Spector.

“I’ve always been into music from the ’50s and ‘60s—that’s what I grew up listening to,” Rachele says. “My mom kept an array of albums, mostly compilations, around the house so I learned a lot of classic ‘hit’ songs, before I got into listening to full albums later in life.

“‘Crazy Love’ is a Paul Anka tune that captures what I love so much about this period of music and performance. It’s just a simple song with a powerful moodiness. It totally speaks to me in that way. My producer Kris Sampson and I have the same affinity for this kind of music, the old-style of music-making. But the story of this song is so simple, that’s where I really relate to it. In my own life, I fall in love with love—and the idea of how crazy it is to be in love—all the time. It’s crazy when you know that love is so wild, and you let yourself do it anyway, falling in love over and over again. And, in spite of all the danger, there’s a loveliness to it—it’s a beautiful moment to capture in a song. A beautiful insanity.”

The “Crazy Love” single will be released 7 August. Pre-order it via Bandcamp.