Steve Lewis - "Off This Rock" (audio) (premiere)

Glam meets garage rock on this raucous new track by the Nashville musician.

Nashville artist Steve Lewis is set to release his latest album Creepers & Vines, and if it's anything like its opening track "Off This Rock", it'll be a must-hear when it comes out in three weeks. With roaring guitars that echo Neil Young and Crazy Horse, sparkling harmonies reminiscent of glam David Bowie, and an undeniable sense of fun, it's a blast of rock 'n' roll that shames any white male indie rock that's come out this year. Crank it with the windows down.

"Escapism is at the heart of 'Off This Rock' - it's a song all about helping each other to leave earth behind," Lewis says. "There's bound to be some teamwork required, so we work together and build spaceships from any old junk we find. The music has a positive feel -- somewhere between Bowie's 'Watch That Man' and the getting-it-done montage in a teen movie."

Creepers & Vines will be released 28 August.

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