Migos - "Pipe It Up" (Singles Going Steady)

Migos's latest single "Pipe It Up" is an epic fail.

No Roddy Piper? Ouch, that stings. Threnody for the victims of refurbishment? “Buy a bando [an abandoned building] then I pipe it up”, Migos’s Quavo says, which I’m sure the Atlanta economic development community would appreciate. A line previous, I was sure he was also talking about piping up a “regular hotel”. But alas Genius tells me he’s instead referring to a “regular ho”, who he later jibes to as a “b-b-b-b-basic bitch” who also needs to get piped up, although it’s unclear if this is the same young woman or another he’s reduced to an object he can spruce like a neglected lot. Sadly, it’s Migos themselves who appear the basic bitches in this scenario, trying to twist “Turn Up” into a new dance craze with a weak beat and dull swagger. I mean, there’s actually a verse that says “Pipe It up, bitch, it’s gonna be the new anthem…remember, ‘fore we made this song, nobody said pipe it up.” Though the community support the group appears to have garnered for their house-flipping and ho-flipping abilities in the accompanying music video is admirable, we should all be embarrassed if “Pipe It Up” actually becomes a thing. -- TIMOTHY GABRIELE [2/10]

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