STS x RJD2 – “Trunk of My Computer” (video) premiere)

The latest video by this fun collaboration looks back at the DIY days of being a young, hungry artist.

Released this past April, the collaborative album between producer/DJ RJD2 and rapper Sugar Tongue Slim is a fun combination of Southern cadillac music and STS’s distinctly East Coast style. The pair have just put out a video for the track “Trunk of My Computer”, a highly enjoyable recount of STS’s days of selling his demos from the trunk of his car in an attempt to make a name for himself.

“I literally wrote my first rap song in a mixtape store in Philly,” says RJD2. “I worked there for years so I saw firsthand the whole records out the trunk independent grind, I even got locked up for a case of bootlegging records…What we have done with STS x RJD2 is “Trunk of My Computer” at its finest, all independent down to the making of the video. We did everything from the muscle.”

STS x RJD2 is out now.

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