Country Fried Rock: Caleb Caudle Interview

There's a steamy pathway from North Carolina to New Orleans and back, that pulls songwriters seeking and running away from their problems.

Caleb Caudle left North Carolina for New Orleans,but the layer that was painted on his heart sent him back home after a few years. After some life changes and hitting the bottom, Caudle is gearing up for his new record.

This conversation about his last release, Paint Another Layer on My Heart, as life was falling apart around him, shows Caudle's optimism and growth towards a new, more mature songwriting level.

When Caudle’s scheduled studio time for Nashville fell through at the last minute, he hit the road with fellow Country Fried Rock alum, John Moreland, for intense reflection and regrouping, while giving his songs a thorough workout. Returning from tour, Caudle regrouped with his friends at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, and backed by Roseland (another good band from the Triangle area).

Caudle then hit the road again with Alabama to Texas transplant, Chris Porter (who has a recent debut solo release, Porter, formerly of Back Row Baptists, also of a collaboration with CFR alums, The Pollies, and his duo, Some Dark Holler — Porter also donated a new version of one of his older BRB songs for Vol. 2 For Nuci’s Space, our charity album preventing musician suicide). Both Caudle and Porter were listening to mixes of their new records while on the road, trading the excitement of their new projects.


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