Grandchildren - "Nothing" (audio) (premiere)

Old and new coalesce well on the Philly band's fun new single.

Blending orchestral pop with electronic elements and classic pop melodies reminiscent of the Beach Boys and Beatles, Philadelphia band Grandchildren clearly want to combine elements both modern and vintage. It all makes for a wonderfully psychedelic sound, and much like the Flaming Lips' best work more than a decade ago, it does everything it can to leave a smile on your face.

"The song 'Nothing' is a great example of what "Zuni" has to offer," says drummer Roman Salcic. "We, as a band, have often focused on the role our pasts play in our present realities, but this album is not about that. It's about accepting what's now. Listen closely: you might glimpse freedom and joy in it."

As an added bonus, here's a recent live video of the band performing the same track:

Grandchildren's new album ZUNI will be released 28 August.

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