A Fragile Tomorrow – “Make Me Over (Noddy Holder)” (audio) (premiere)

The South Carolina band pay tribute to Slade in a fittingly raucous new song.

Ubiquitous in the UK, a classic rock curiosity on North America, it’s high time Slade was given a proper critical reevaluation on this continent. Until that happens, though, the glam rockers remain something for young people to discover. And who knows, maybe someone who hears this terrific new track by A Fragile Tomorrow, written in tribute to Slade and their singer Noddy Holder, in addition to enjoying the South Carolina band’s boisterous powerpop will be compelled to delve into Slade’s wonderful discography.

“‘Make Me Over’ is a song written by Sean [Kelly, singer/guitarist] that was inspired by a documentary on Slade,” says drummer Dominic Kelly. “Sean says that he had the parts floating around for a while, but after he watched the movie, he was inspired to write this track. Slade’s story, essentially, is that they had been a band for years, going under different names and different musical styles. Their appearance changed a lot as well, but despite changing so frequently, they never really had a break. When they decided to grow their hair out and dress flamboyantly, however, they suddenly started to have the success they deserved. This song is inspired by that story (and references lead singer Noddy Holder specifically) not only as an ode to them, but also in reference to our own journey of transformation when making this record.”

A Fragile Tomorrow’s fifth album Make Me Over will be released 16 October on MPress Records.