Bay Uno - "Don't Come Around here" (video) (premiere)

Enigmatic indie folk music is given a gorgeous visual rendering on this new video.

From what yours truly can gather, singer-songwriter Bay Uno grew up in California, spent a lot of time as a child in Catalina, wrote a bunch of songs in his bedroom, moved to Brooklyn, and made a record fittingly titled Catalina, which came out this past March.

He also made a video for the song "Don't Come Around Here" with visual artist Kenny Curtwood, a beautiful little short film for a beautiful little song that features stop motion animation, rotoscoping, and footage shot at Maya Lin's wondrous Wave Field at the Storm King Arts center in Upstate New York.

"Collaborating with a visual artist made a lot of sense for this song," Bay Uno says. "Kenny Curwood's old school animation on top of 16mm film reveals the layers of sound in the track. I love it. It's dope."

Indeed it is.

Catalina is out now. Purchase it via Bandcamp.

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