Jonas Reinhardt: Palace Savant

Jonas Reinhardt/Jesse Reiner understand that within electronic music, you can easily spin the old into something new.
Jonas Reinhardt
Palace Savant

Anybody familiar with electronic music would pin Jonas Reinhardt, a.k.a. Jesse Reiner, as a bit of a retro act due to his fondness for old hardware. While it may be true that certain settings on an analog synthesizer might make you sound like a circa 1970s Tangerine Dream wannabe, that ignores the fact that Reiner still comes across as a freshly cut force, primed and ready to both hypnotize and perhaps even confuse. Yes, parts of Palace Savant sound like miniature homages to Phaedra. But then there are tracks like “Shattered Remains of Orr” that, through sheer density, almost completely buries all sense of tonality. If it’s phasing workouts you want, opener “Old Kazien” can take you in on the pointillism angle while “Noctornum” achieves something similar through sinister ambiance. Piecemeal, Palace Savant can be a challenge. Taken in as eight tracks in 34 minutes, it’s a weird tide that pulls and repels in equal measure.

RATING 7 / 10