Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators: Happiness in Every Style

Entertaining soul outfit hits mark one more time.

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators

Happiness in Every Style

Label: Timmion
Release Date: 2015-10-02

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators have been racking up critical acclaim on these shores for a decade now despite being headquartered in Finland. Locale works against neither vocalist nor band on this, the collective’s strongest effort to date. Willis is at her best on “Where Are You Now”, where you can hear the agony of love in her voice, and the slow-moving “Angel”, a song that seems to have arrived directly from 1971 London, though her real crowning moment here is “Open Sky”. The Soul Investigators offer up two very credible instrumental pieces along the way but it’s the vocal numbers that are most memorable. A very different take on the soul of yesteryear from an almost star of today.

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