Charlie Belle – “Petting Zoo” (video) (premiere)

Smart, charming, literate indie pop, and these kids aren't even out of their teens yet.

If you’ve ever gotten a little cynical about the current crop of Millennial-aged musicians — goodness knows I’ve been guilty — nothing will restore your hope for the new generation like Charlie Belle. The sister-brother duo of 17-year-old singer/guitarist Jendayi Bonds and 14-year-old Gyasi sound mature beyond their years on “Petting Zoo”, a song from their upcoming EP I Don’t Want to Be Alone which has been made into a charming little video. Full lot lyrical wit, wonderfully chiming guitars, and an upbeat, sunny disposition, it’s an absolute charmer of a track, the sort of indie pop that will have you craving the rest of the new record.

“Filming ‘Petting Zoo’ was a blast,” says Jendayi. “It was shot almost entirely out of our carport and everyone in the video is a friend of ours, so it was just a whole lot of fun. That car is pretty old and it’s a stick shift, so I had to learn how to drive a stick a half our before we started filming!”

Charlie Belle’s I Don’t Want to Be Alone will be released 18 September.