Holland Belle - "Lovely Ghost" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter's new video is a perfect visual complement to her haunting track.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Holland Belle released her latest EP Wanderlust back in February, and now has put together a beautifully shot new video for the track "Lovely Ghost". Directed by James Pillion, its premise is simple, but goes exceptionally well with Belle's gentle and haunting folk/Americana track.

"I wrote this song during a time where I was struggling to cope with and move on from past heartache," she tells PopMatters. "It's not completely about one event, more so it's about the walls I slowly continued to build every time I was hurt. It made me unable to move on and make healthy choices; because these same walls that protect you also hold you back, and put you in an unhealthy cycle. You make the same mistakes over and over. To me, it was like be haunted by the past.

"The director of the video, James Pillion, really understood that my greatest goal as an artist was to tell a meaningful story. He came up with the idea of making "the ghost" a physical apparition, so the message of the song could be more easily understood. We shot the video in the Salton Sea, it's like another world out there. It's completely dilapidated, but also beautiful. It served to represent a sort of purgatory for the storyteller. She's forced to wander until she can find, and confront the thing that's keeping her there. For me it was a way of showing how we all get trapped in our minds, and in our pain. And until we find a way to confront that pain, we will never heal and move forward."

Holland Belle's Wanderlust is out now. Purchase it via Bandcamp.

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