Drunken Prayer - "Love Looks Like a Master" (audio) (premiere)

Wit, romanticism, weirdness: Drunken Prayer hits that sweet spot once again on this brand new track.

Possessing a blend of wit and romanticism similar to that of Tom Waits, Morgan Christopher Geer is a formidable talent in his own right, and the fourth album by his project Drunken Prayer continues in that idiosyncratic yet charming direction. With the help of members of the Sadies, reigning Sound, and Freakwater, Geer crafts another journey through America's weird musical heritage on The Devil & The Blues, wonderfully encapsulated on the new track "Love Looks Like a Master".

"This song was written while I was living on a California herb farm with nothing to do but brood," Geer says. "It's a pretty straight forward soul song about the nature of love - a covenant, a Sisyphus stone, an all seeing eye. Love felt at the time like a tough old slave driver and I a sufferer of Stockolm syndrome.”

The Devil & The Blues will be released 21 August on Fluff and Gravy Records.

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