Mothertapes - "Do Make Say" (audio) (premiere)

Photo by Dan Steinle

Progressive rock and contemporary indie pop find a middle ground on the Portland band's new single.

When Portland band Wax Fingers disintegrated, bandmates and longtime collaborators Pete Bosack and Tommy Franzen formed Mothertapes, a project that strives to marry progressive rock, electronic, and pop in the tradition of Tears For Fears, Battles, and Animal Collective.

Their self-titled debut album is slated for release this fall, but in the meantime they've just put out a terrific new single in "Do Make Say", in which you can hear just how well the pair palaces the experimental and the accessible. For all the risks the song takes, from its washes of chillwave synths and huge, almost dubstep bassline, everything serves the melody which is sumptuous and gently catchy. Listen to the track below:

Mothertapes will be released 2 October on Self Group.

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